零售價格 ¥10.00

Woven, Cavalry Twill

Content: 67% Polyester 29% Bamboo 4% Spandex

Yarn Size: 50 X T100D+40D/96

Density: 203 X 98

Weight: 160 g/m²(4.72 oz/y²)

Cuttable Width: 61"



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Bamboo" Breathing Fibers "

Bamboo fabric is a kind of environmentally friendly fabric that is made of all-natural ingredients like bamboo. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable fiber. It has excellent permeability and high hygroscopicity together with softness. Bamboo fibers have a cross-section with highly hollow pores. This explains the instant absorption and evaporation of moisture. Its permeability is 4 times that of cotton fibers and the fibers known as “Breathing Fibers”


We have stricter standards for technology, and constantly carry out rigorous testing to achieve food-grade safety levels.

The new BioNTex™ product collection provides comprehensive protection in every situation, anytime anywhere.
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